Coming Events For The Week of May 2nd – May 8th

Monday May 2
5 – 7 PM sl time
DJ Cyke Troglodite
TWO MOON PARADISE @ our Spring Garden
Come on down and listen to this awesome DJ spin his hot dance tunes. Grab  your dancing shoes, bring a friend or meet new friends and join in the fun!

Tuesday 3
12-2 pm slt
DJ Lord oompa
TWO MOON PARADISE @ our Mer Garden.
This fantastic DJ is spinning his awesome tunes and rock’n the waves. Slip into your favourite Mer outfit and kick up your fins. All Landwalkers and Mer folk welcome

Wednesday 4
5-7pm slt
Allister Westland 
Two Moon Paradise @ Coconut Rock
His shows consist of a mix of classic rock and modern popular rock cover tunes as well as a collection of original material that showcases his musical diversity and abilities. You will hear anything from soft acoustic ballads in their purest form with only his acoustic guitar and his rich soulful vocals, to hard driving heavy rock tunes with the full production sound  of his self performed and pre-recorded backing tracks.

Thursday 5
4-6pm slt 
Dj Gwen Carillon
Two Moon Paradise Mer Garden
She will wow you with her incredible tunes, and great sense of  humour
Come and Kick up the waves  with us.
All Mers and landwalkers welcome

Friday 6
9 -11am slt
DJ Coarl Underwood
Two Moon Paradise Spring Garden
Come and listen to this awsome DJ she will have you rocking the morning away with her awesome mix of dance tunes

Saturday 7
 3-4pm slt
MommaLuv Skytower
Two Moon Paradise Coconut Rock
Join us for an hour of magic as MommaLuv Skytower sings her awesome songs and captures your heart
4-5pm slt
Two Moon Paradise Coconut Rock
You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear this great band.  We are proud to bring you this awesome band.  With Rave reviews all over the grid and playing up a storm in real, The Follow will wow you through your Saturday night!!

Sunday 8
 12-2 pm slt
The Farr and Raven Show!!
Spring Garden presents the one and only fun loving duo of  Farr and Raven … LIVE without a Net
What do you get when your two favorite DJs combine their talents? Pure Rockin Fun! DJ Raven picks the tunes and Drumming DJ Farr takes to his Vdrum set and plays and sings along LIVE!! Lets rock the spring garden everyone come on down and boogie!!!

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