Fun With DJ Cyke

When I landed in Two Moon Paradise tonight… I was promptly greeted by everyone. However, DJ Cyke thought he would be cute and play “Brickhouse” just for me of course.

I needed to know more about DJ Cyke, since he obviously has great taste in music and knows how to have a great time. So I asked him to tell me something that people don’t know about him… his response left me wanting to know more “Cyke Troglodite: hmm..well… Im kinda exposed… not many I own a ladies only club, I play sl football, host a radio show about sl football on tuesday nights and am now RPing in a cop sim.” I told him that wasn’t good enough anyone can get that from his profile picks.

DJ Cyke’s went on to tell me how he feels about the ladies “Well… I tell all the ladies… getting your hooks in me is one thing… Reeling me in, is Entirely different. :)”. I think there is more to know about this man and I will let you know as I find out.

In the meantime, be sure to stop by Two Moon Paradise for a great time, friends of all shapes, sizes and furries are welcome!

~Brickhouse Frog~

DJ Cyke and Brickhouse Frog chillin to the music

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