The Sim was Rocking with Allister!

At Two Moon Paradise, where Live Music is an integral part of the community, last night’s gig with Allister Westland was no exception.

Now if you have never heard Allister, you truly missed one of the best musicians. Allister was one of the first musicians in Secondlife, and ALWAYS has a huge crowd. He is probably best known for his song “Voodoo” which can be seen in a video made for him at As more people packed Two Moon Paradise, Allister continued with his tunes accompanied on his electric guitar. There was room for everyone and the sim didn’t crash! It’s great to know that everyone can stay and have a great time.

Don’t miss another night at Two Moon Paradise. This week still brings plenty of opportunity for live music on Saturday night, splashed with DJ’s on Thursday and Friday! Be sure to check out all the Events and make Two Moon Paradise your new place for fun!

(Check events here

While you are looking around be sure to check the pictures on the right hand side of this blog.

~Brickhouse Frog

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