Monday Nights @Two Moon Paradise

Tonight, once again with DJ Cyke, everyone had a great time. How many places in SL can you go and see an eggplant and pumpkin “walk in” amongst wolves, kitties, and other furries, while the DJ plays the theme song from “Veggie Tales”….I would say in all my years in SL this has never happened. If you have not heard DJ Cyke what are you waiting for, be sure to check him out the next time he is at Two Moon Paradise.

Let me introduce you to Host Okeanos Theseus. This dashingly handsome avatar, is there to make everyone feel welcome and to ensure that everyone has a great time. Okeanos truly loves Two Moon Paradise and wants everyone to know how much fun you can have here. When not “working”, Okeanos can be seen helping someone, somewhere.

Tomorrow:  DJ Lord oompa 12-2 pm slt

There is a true sense of family at Two Moon Paradise, always welcoming. Why not make it part of yours.

~Brickhouse Frog

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