There Is a Difference!

Being in SL as long as I have been, I’ve seen a lot of clubs, and “hang outs”, but there is something different about Two Moon Paradise.  EVERY TIME I go there, it is packed.  Last night was no exception as Dj Gai Thor entertained us, spinning the tunes.

Owner, Shiran Sabra, along with her host/ess make sure you are made to feel welcome.  It’s not long before people start having a good time in open chat and cracking jokes.  If you have not been to this beautiful “world”, what are you waiting for.  Join DJ Coarl Underwood 9 -11am today for another amazing time!

Be watching for some updates to the blog.  This weekend I will be adding a “getting to know” section, where I will feature the Host/ess of Two Moon and also the DJ’s.  There will be the addition of a “Weekly Events” page also so it is easier to find what is going on, so you don’t miss out!

~Brickhouse Frog

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