Meet Hostess: ErdetteMarcotte Clarity‏

ErdetteMarcotte welcomes everyone to Two Moon Paradise, helps them find dance balls, and makes sure that everyone is having a great time!  This cute little avatar certainly makes her presence felt and ensures you feel made at home.

So I asked Erdette how she came about hostessing at Two Moon Paradise.  She explained that it took her forever to get out of the “welcome” area when she was a noob, basically because she needed a new computer and it was very laggy for her.  Eventually she got a new computer, figured out how to move about Secondlife, made some new friends who helped her along the way.  She went on to explain how she was a dancer and events planner in a club for about 2 years.

Recently, her job at the club ended, and her role playing sim she was involved in closed down, so she was out of a job.   She heard of Two Moon Paradise from her SL sister, Azura and decided it sounded like a fun place to be.   And the rest as they say is history.  Erdette is now hosting at Two Moon Paradise and loving every minute of it.  When she is not hosting she can be seen learning how to build castles, and of course selling them.

Come to Two Moon Paradise and meet ErdetteMarcotte Clarity up close and personal.

~Brickhouse Frog

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