Nothing Better…

Have you had a long stressful day? Well you don’t need that bubble bath to “take you away”. No, I have not lost my mind, I’m talking about Two Moon Paradise. Now you might be wondering what on earth I’m talking about. Well first of all, you must go to Two Moon and experience this Paradise.

I knew there was a party at Two Moon last night as I have read (and blogged) the upcoming events, so I knew to be there for this great time of fun with DJ Shay. Now what I wasn’t thinking about after a long day in RL was that it was an underwater party.

Upon arrival, I saw all these beautiful Mers floating in the ocean. Ok so I forgot my mer fins, but you know what, it really didn’t matter. Shiran, the wonderful owner of Two Moon, told me to hit the green ball, and start to dance. Well, you see I have two legs (sometimes) and thought I should change into my fins, but there were other “landwalkers” there and all swim/dancing together.

It was all pretty ethereal and serene. Definitely a way to relax and sooth away the long stressful day. Now I haven’t mentioned the people up to this point today, but the sim was yet again packed. I’m starting to understand Shiran’s success in this, but, you have to come find out for yourself.

Don’t miss another night of fun tonight with Dj Gai Thor 5-7 pm slt at Two Moon Paradise Spring Garden. I hear he is the DJ God of Rocking Thunder and will be bringing down the house; playing his enchanting blues and jazz tunes.

See you there.
~Brickhouse Frog

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