Monday Nights

So you are sitting home, wondering what to do… you yawn and stretch and look at the clock… Then you realize, it’s Monday night…now for some people this is just another night, but here at Two Moon Paradise, you know your Monday night will only be full of fun!

DJ Cyke knows how to turn on the tunes and get the party rockin.  Last night, Hostess Erdette was there to welcome everyone and of course Shiran was there making sure everyone was having a good time.

Two Moon Paradise certainly is a true no drama zone, where EVERYONE is welcome from Furries to Mer, to well Avs like me.  Hanging out on Monday Nights certainly make the night way better than you can possibly imagine.  Pop on over any day of the week, and make some new friends.  The place is always filled with fantastic people (even BigDan was there last night) and you most certainly will be made to feel like you’ve always belonged there.

Don’t miss out on DJ Lord oompa 12-2 pm slt Tuesday afternoon (5/24).  Other events can be seen by clicking on “Upcoming Events” at the top of the page

Your photos are always welcome here for our feed.  Be sure to send me photos in world and check out all the other great photos on Two Moon Paradise Flickr photo stream.

Thanks to Axolotyle Glenwalker for this great photo last night

Thanks to Katt Lavendar for this photo

Keep all the great photos coming!

~Brickhouse Frog

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