Shhhh It’s a Secret

Ok so it’s not that much of a secret if you read the upcoming events. Thursday night, from 5-7 pm slt, Dj Gai Thor will be spinning the tunes from TWO MOON PARADISE. Now what’s so secretive about that? Everyone knows that DJ Gai is fantastic as is Two Moon Paradise… Oh right, the party will be in space. So last night I got a sneak peak at the SCI-Fi club and was stunned by this fun build.

The night will certainly be different, yet I can guarantee, it will still be fun for all, all will be welcome, and this planet will be packed! So grab your spacesuit (not required but fun), make sure your spaceship is fueled up and head to Two Moon Paradise Sci-Fi on Thursday night from 5-7 PM SLT

WAIT! Don’t miss DJ Shay Sunnyside, tonight Wednesday, from 5-7pm slt in the fabulous Mer Garden!

Keep sending those pictures… speaking of pictures, have you checked out the stream located on the sidebar of this blog and also at You can email me your pictures if you would like at just put Two Moon Paradise in the subject line.

~Brickhouse Frog

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