Special Thanks

Just a quick note to say thank you to all who read this blog (apparently there are quite a few of you) daily or at least frequently.

In my short time blogging for Two Moon Paradise, everyone has given me really warm greetings and have always made me feel welcome. Now maybe they are scared I might blog about them … LOL, but the truth of the matter is Owner, Shiran (read about her here)and all the host(ess) at Two Moon make sure everyone is greeted and made to feel welcome … From the tiniest Avatars to the biggest, everyone is family.

Be sure to check out DJ Lord oompa 12-2 pm slt TODAY!
at the Mer Garden. This fantastic DJ is spinning his awesome tunes and rock’n the waves. Slip into your favorite Mer outfit and kick up your fins. You don’t need fins to have fun. The rest of this weeks events can be seen by clicking on this link

Have a great week at Two Moon Paradise and thank you for reading this blog. Hey be sure to leave a comment and let us know you were here!

~Brickhouse Frog

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