Little Known Secret… I always wanted to be….

Did you know tomorrow, in the space station, there will be a Super Hero party??? I always wanted to be Wonder Woman… Now what girl growing up in the 70’s (yes I’m old), didn’t want to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was beautiful AND powerful, and could somehow always keep herself tucked in that little outfit while fighting crime! Truly a woman to be admired… and truth be told I’m sure every boy growing up in that era… admired Wonder Woman for different reasons (and we’ll leave it at that).

So what Super Hero did you want to be? Did you have “underoos” that you wore all the time? For the younger set reading this… you have no idea how much fun you missed. Now is the chance to ACTUALLY VIRTUALLY be that super hero.

Get on your spectacular cape, or in your invisible plane (but don’t get the cape too close to the plane, for if you watched the Incredible’s you know what happens) and get yourself to Two Moon Paradise Space Station, Thursday night beginning at 5pm SLT for some awesome DJ God of Rocking Thunder!!

Hey and leave a comment about what super hero you always wanted to be and why….

Did you forget??? Today, Wednesday DJ Shay Sunnyside 5-7pm slt Always a great time at Two Moon Paradise.

~Brickhouse Frog

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