Meet axolotyle Glenwalker, Ambassador.

As I looked around the crowd that had gathered yet again at Two Moon Paradise, I spotted Axolotyle Glenwalker. Now I have seen Axolotyle quite a bit at Two Moon Paradise, so I wondered what brings him here. After grabbing a cup of coffee, we chatted.

I noted his tag as Embassador for Two Moon and of course had to ask what it meant.

axolotyle Glenwalker: heh, well, it is an honorary title bestowed upon me by Shiran. I have always considered it to be more of an ambassador of good will, hehe, sort of like a good humor man, if you will

Our conversation continued:
Brickhouse Frog: so why did you start coming to TMP?
axolotyle Glenwalker: oooo, long story–about a year or so ago I met Shiran in Chakryn Forest and we became good friends. A few months later she started the tmp——and
she invited me over to dance and I have just sort of stayed. She appointed me ambassador. Shiran is a wonderful person and I just like hanging out where she is
Brickhouse Frog: awww sweet
axolotyle Glenwalker: I don’t think I have ever met as nice a person in sl than shiran
Brickhouse Frog: so what would you want to tell people who have never been to TMP
axolotyle Glenwalker: I would tell them that it is a great place to come to for dancing with friends and that it is a very ——can’t think of the word—ummmm family style —–atmosphere . Yes, everyone here is treated like family members, very comfortable.
Shiran has gone to a lot of time and effort to make this a wonderful place to come to. To visit, dance, shop, and just sightsee. (Quite frankly, I get around to a lot of places in sl and this one has one of the very best genres of any place I have ever been
Brickhouse Frog: I agree with you …completely

I thanked axolotyle for his time, and off the record I learned a lot about this incredible avatar. So the next time you are in Two Moon Paradise, say hi to axolotyle Glenwalker.

(Pictures coming)

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