Now I’ve been in SL quite a long time… and I must say I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone put as much effort into making every night something special, like Shiran does. Shiran and her amazing friends out-did themselves again last night. The Carnival was beautiful and the people at Two Moon, certainly showed their creativity in their costumes. Take Oke for example, his outfit was incredible, and um quite large! Shiran’s feathers of green, certainly stood out with its shimmering beauty. There was so much imagination at Two Moon last night, I don’t know how Shiran can out do it… but I am quite sure she and her fabulous team will.

Some pictures are already on Flickr from last night (see the sidebar), there are a bunch more I need to upload (but shhh I’m at work, and the rest are on my home computer). If you would like your pictures to be put on flickr, or maybe they already are, simply email them to me or send me a link at

Don’t miss Gina Stella tonight from 4-5pm slt at Coconut Rock, with your host Oke.

Be sure to leave comments here also about the great time you had at Carnival, this is your blog too.

~Brickhouse Frog

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