Get to Know DJ Gai

Gai Thor, also a Senator in Romanum, was our DJ last night and has been at least once a week, for probably 2 months. He first came to Two Moon Paradise to “fill in” but found the friendly atmosphere, amazing scenery and great folks too much to leave and has been with us since. DJ Gai mentioned that he loves the theme parties at Two Moon Paradise and noted that the awesome decorating done at those parties.. takes a lot of work, love, and interest to do that.

I found that DJ Gai, is 2 days younger than me (SL), which is pretty old compared to most. In his time in SL he has been host, dancer, DJ, security, Manger, GM, owned a few clubs here and there. He loves ALL styles of music, rock, dance, country, metal, classical, blues…..

Be sure to get to know DJ Gai
this Thursday the 21st
for The Great Four Legged Escapade
5-7 pm SLT at Friendly Forest

Til next time
Brickhouse Frog

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