An Interview with Mojo Manamiko and Luckymoon Jiagu

Konnichiwa is how you are greeted when you come to their Theater, you are sounded with beauty and opulence as if you are almost in Japan.

It was my privilege to interview Mojo Manamiko & LuckyMoon Jiagu, our entertainers this week (check the events page for times) as they present the Garden.

As I sat and talked to these very caring people who have SL children and SL parents, I learned so much of the rich history and imagination in the story telling you will soon experience. This type of “play” has been going on for over 2 years, with over 1000 performances.

The “traditional” kabuki play for the most part is 5 scenes, it is a story of emotions, the classics: love, war, sorrow joy and as Mojo says love and more love, as all things stem from love, and the understanding of it. LuckyMoon interjects that this is the perfect program for Two Moon Paradise.

As I notice the detail in Mojo’s costume, during the dances he was displaying for me, they explain that they have 4-5 stages and a designer that does their costumes. If you are looking for a Kimono, you are welcome to go to their theater and pick up a free one.

You might be interested to know that they don’t use poseballs, Mojo explained that they actually act! They have 1 poseball for 2 minutes, the rest is timing placement, great scripts, wonderful fireworks. Coupled with more costumes, backdrops, lighting and fog this is something to be seen. They have come up with 1st time SL innovations in theater in some ways, they are the only ones doing some of the things you will see or NOT seen.

If you are wondering how authentic this is, they have been complimented on several visitors from Japan itself, and also changing to fit more into a realistic experience for all.

Brickhouse Frog

PS see the blog post below for pictures

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