Nothing Better Than Shopping…

So Tuesday is the one day a week where there is a party during the daytime hours and of course as you know I can’t ever make it there… (darn work)…

But after a long hard day of RL I needed to relax and what better way to relax than shopping, and what better place to go shopping than Two Moon Paradise.

You can almost smell the ocean air as you walk the boardwalk to all the shops. Here you can find everything from clothing to items for your garden…See the list below…
Chris Garden
Crimson Phoenix Creations
Designs by Sebastian
Lomu Designs
Hug & Walk

Now you know this wasn’t enough shopping for this Frog so I took the Teleport to the Mer Garden, under the Ocean. Shiran said be sure to follow the blue shell pathway (just imagine Dorothy, follow the yellow brick road), to find all the stores.

What a great almost mystical place the Mer Gardens are, and then you come across the shops, now I truly am in paradise with these fine stores: Zohee’s MerMaid Designs
Taliesins Tails
Club Mermaid (down the shell path)

Don’t miss out on all your shopping needs at Two Moon Paradise where there is always something more to discover!

(psst I’m broke now LOL)

~Brickhouse Frog

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