Get to Know Gina Stella

I got the privilege of sitting down to chat with Gina Stella recently.  Now I have known Gina and her love Anek (another amazing musician) for a long time, both of them are really great people who I admire.

I asked Gina: Why do you keep coming back to TMP?

Gina:  the Sim is amazing… Shiran is the best sim and venue owner and everyone that works here..Okeanos etc..are so amazing to us performers…

ME: What, as a musician, makes TMP special or different?
Gina: the warmth and youre part of one big happy family!

ME: How long have you been singing in sl?

Gina: three years in January

ME: Tell me one thing that is NOT in your bio that most people don’t know about you

Gina: Aside from one open mic I have never played out in real life…my love is playing for all the people online.. interaction with the crowd..playing is all so much fun..


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