Coming Events for the week of 10/31 – 11/6

Monday Oct 31st
Halloween Party and Dance

Dj Bax Hyun 6-9 pm slt @ Two Moon Paradise

Happy Halloween, join us for an evening of fun and dancing, while you enjoy the eclectic tunes of DJ Bax

Ghosts, goblins and alll sorts of ghoulish characters.
don’t have a costume. we do and they are free.

Host: Sadie

Tuesday Nov 1st

DJ Lord Oompa 12-2 pm slt @ Two Moon Paradise Mer Garden
Calling all Merfolk!!!!

TWO MOON PARADISE @ our Mer Garden. This fantastic DJ is spinning his awesome tunes and rock’n the waves. Slip into your favourite Mer outfit and kick up your fins. All Landwalkers and Mer folk welcome

Host: Oke

Wednesday 2nd

DJ Shay Sunnyside 6-8 pm slt at Two Moon Paradise @ our Mer Garden

DJ Shay brings you her incredible variety of tunes and good vibes. We never know what genre she will pick but it is always fantastic!

Come and enjoy this beautiful Mer Garden.

Welcome all mer-folk put on your favourite fins and join us for an evening of just being Mer.

Host: Oke

Thursday 3rd

5-7 pm slt DJ Gai Thor @ Two Moon Paradise

Ganster night~ Roaring twenties

Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone @ prohibition~ put on your best gangster outfit and join us for a night of great tunes and great people

Best in costume contest
Host Oke

Friday 4th

4-5 pm slt Gina Stella @ Two Moon Paradise

Awesome vocals and a vibrant smile with singer will rock your world.
With a smile in her song and a lot of love in her soul Gina will wow you with her talent.

Join us for an evening of dancing and meeting friends.

Host: Demoria

5-6 pm slt Edward Kyomoon @ Two Moon Paradise

Edward brings you high energy rock music and love songs, performing live and on video either acoustic or electric guitar. From high energy guitar solos and soaring vocals to acoustic ballads and love songs that make the girls swoon, he is sure to please any audience he draws.

Join us for an evening under the stars, with some of the greatest people In SL
Host: Auzra

Saturday 5th
1-2 pm slt JordanReyne Deezul @ Two Moon Paradise

In RL, JordanReyne is a New Zealand darkwave musician who combines dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences with etherial vocal melodies. She has release 5 CDs internationally and has been nominated for several national awards in her home country.

Fabulous she is abosolutely Fabulous that is all that needs to be said. Join us for this fabulous musician
Host: Azura

2:30 April and Julian’s Wedding bells are ringing!!

Today is their day and we will celebrate their love with them

4-5 pm slt Amforte Clarity @ Two Moon Paradise

With Punk/Rock/Pop flairs,and influences that include, U2, Nirvana, RadioHead, Alanis Morrissette, Coldplay, MCR, AAR,Placebo, The Cranberries, Our Lady Peace and Elliott Smith., she also plays originals, and her cover tunes are songs she has taken and made her own.

AM will keep you out of your seat and dancing the night away. Join us for a great evening of entertainment
Host: Oke

Sunday Nov 6th

12-2 pm Mankind Tracer Peace Love & Belief Concert

We are proud not only to be a sponsor of this fantastic event but also a host sim. 50% of all proceeds are to go to ALS research.

PLB V will again be a Live Video Concert. The concert is planned to last for two straight hours. There will also be a live audio stream just in case residents don’t have the ability to see video. Mankind will stream his live show across SL via the new “Stage Screen”.
Join us for this worthy cause

Host: Demoria

4-5pm slt Maximillion Kleene @ Two Moon Paradise

Max is back and ready to play for you, taking requests and wowing you with his great vocals and amzing personality.

Max is sure to please all who love music. Join us for an evening of dancing

Host: Zippo

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