Events for November 28th – December 3rd

Monday November 28th

6-8 pm SLT: DJ Baxter Hyun @ Two Moon Paradise

Join us for this great DJ, who will wow you with his eclectic tunes. Meet and greet some of the greatest people in second life while you dance your way into the beginning of a new week

Host: Demoria

Tuesday November 29th

12-2 pm SLT: DJ Lord Oompa @ Two Moon Paradise – Mer Garden

Calling all Merfolk!!!! This fantastic DJ is spinning his awesome tunes and rockin’ the waves. Slip into your favorite Mer outfit and kick up your fins. All Landwalkers and Merfolk welcome

Host: Oke

6-7 pm SLT The Follow LIVE @ Two Moon Paradise

Our official kickoff to a week of Christmas celebrations. We are one year older, yes we have been open for one year, and this great band is here to start off this great week of events

Host: Sadie

Wednesday November 30th

6-8 pm SLT: DJ Shay Sunnyside @ Two Moon Paradise – Mer Garden

DJ Shay brings you her incredible variety of tunes and good vibes. We never know what genre she will pick but it is always fantastic! Come and enjoy this beautiful Mer Garden. Welcome all Mer folk put on your favorite fins and join us for an evening of just being Mer.

Host: Oke

Thursday December 1st

6-8 pm SLT: DJ Shay Sunnyside @ Two Moon Paradise

Christmas Elf party ~ Dress up as your favourite Santa’s helper and win some Lindens!
Come and join us while we continue our Christmas kickoff celebration week and enjoy the great music of DJ Shay. Meet and greet some great peeps while you dance your blues away


Friday December 2nd

4-5 pm SLT: Gina Stella LIVE @ Two Moon Paradise – Coconut Rock

Here she comes again! She will make you laugh and have you tapping your toes and singing along. This fabulous singer returns to Two Moon Paradise tonight, you do not want to miss listening and dancing to Ms. Gina Stella! Come and spend the night with us under the stars at Two Moon Paradise. Bring your friends, loved ones, or just come alone and meet some great peeps in Second Life.


5-6 pm slt Edward Kyomoon LIVE @ Two Moon Paradise

Edward brings you high energy rock music and love songs, performing live and on video either acoustic or electric guitar. From high energy guitar solos and soaring vocals to acoustic ballads and love songs that make the girls swoon, he is sure to please any audience he draws.

Join us for an evening under the stars, with some of the greatest people In SL

Saturday December 3rd

3-4 pm SLT: Lisa Brune LIVE @ Two Moon Paradise

Although a new musician to Two Moon Paradise, Lisa is not new to singing and performing. We are proud to bring you this incredibly talented singer songwriter. With a wide variety of soft-rock and trip-hop Lisa is bound to keep you up dancing and smiling. Join us for a great night of music and fun

Host: Azura

4-5 pm SLT: AcousticEnergy Nitely LIVE @ Two Moon Paradise

What a pleasure it is to hear this fabulous singer!!! You do no want to miss a note of this incredible voice. He is sexy he is hot and he is oh so smooth! AE will make you smile and warm your hear while you dance the night away under the stars. Join us for a great evening of dancing and laughing under the stars.

Host: Azura

Sunday December 3rd

12-2 pm SLT: DJ Farr and Raven Simulcast @ Two Moon Paradise

What do you get when your two favorite DJs combine their talents? Pure Rockin Fun! DJ Raven picks the tunes and Drumming DJ Farr takes to his Vdrum set and plays and sings along LIVE!!

Host: Demoria

4-5 pm SLT: Maximillion Kleene LIVE @ Two Moon Paradise

He is back and we are happy happy happy!!! If music feeds the soul, Maximillion Kleene is the food of the gods. His dynamic musical range and smooth groove provide many a listener with a virtual buffet of auditory temptations. Join us for an evening under the stars

Host Oke

5-6 pm SLT: Stella Silvansky LIVE @ Two Moon Paradise

What a voice , what a personality and she is back and we love her! Whether it is a quirky romp with contemporary pop or a heartfelt saga with jazz standards, Stella weaves a tale around your heart. Join us for an evening of music and dancing under the stars

Host: Zippo

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