January 14th 2012 Special Interview with Lisa Brune

Lisa Brune

Interview with Lisa Brune

Where do you call home?

Northern France, close to Switzerland

When did you first start singing in Second Life?

In July of 2010. In the beginning it was hard , my equipment was not very good, I had a bad mic and did not know what I was doing. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to try and sing. I did not even know what kind of stream to use. It was very difficult but I tried because I loved to sing. I think my first concert was horrible but at least 5 people came to hear me.

Who introduced you to singing?

Jack, he always believed in me but he was always objective. Which helped me a lot.
The first time I sang on my venue I started with only tips and after I was able to get some bookings in a French place. Then after came bookings from Norway, Germany, Spanish venue and sometimes I had the pleasure to sing in American venues. That was scary for me. In france we do not have a good level of English so I was afraid to sing in an English sim. I was thinking OMG my accent do they understand what I am saying? So, I was worried

Finally more bookings came and I was thinking well then I guess I was ok. Maybe they like me and my singing is not so bad.

What made you come to Second Life?

Curioiusity. I played the game sim and was making a house and then found it boring. Suddently we had a lot of publicty on french programs that talked about Second Life.

in Jan 2007 I joined and made my first avatar. At first I thought it was a game but then I met some friends and knew it was not. Then I met Jack and we spent a lot of time in the past three years lsitening and discovering music and finding some wonderful talent. I am so lucky to have found him and the music here. I am not in a game anymore. The people here are real and they have given me friendship.

What is the one thing you love the most about being in Second Life?

The opportunity to meet different nationalties. In second life I really enjoy speaking with other people from other countries. It is almost as good as travelling and to have a friend in another country.
I also love the creation, there is creation everywhere, art, building, music…

Do you find it difficult to sing without an audience in front of you?

It is not too difficult because you love it. However, you don’ hear your audience, you see the dot of the person you don’t see the face of the person. Some time you don’t know how to interpret the silences. They can be long, an eternity really, you are not sure if that means they like what you have done.

The biggest pity is that you don’t’ see the faces. It is important that you are totally in the song, it pushes you to give more. When people are listening to your music you want to give all the time so you push yourself to give the best.

What is your favorite thing about Two Moon Paradise and performing here?

We were speaking about welcome. It is very warm from the owner and the hosts. Another thing very nice too is the landscape is impotant you have a big pleasure here when you arrive. It is a beautiful place and you want to look good when you come here. A good welcome and a beautiful place in Two Moon Paradise is a wonderful combination of all those things together It is not really easy when you are not english when you are french. What I want to say is thank you to have the chance to sing here

What is your favorite genre?

I am and addict of all rock and all trip music because of the ambience, some jazzy and blusey style but I think when I was a little girl my mom put on Joan Baez and Bob Dylan so I think it is rock and triphop for vibrations
I think I will always be surprised by the exchange with people and the kindness of people.  I want to stay a listener I am not only the singer, I love music so I want to hear and I am always listening to the concerts of others when I am not singing

Saturday Jan 14th Lisa will be singing at the Coconut Rock Club at Two Moon Paradise. Please join us.

3-4 pm slt Lisa Brune @ Two Moon Paradise Link To Coconut Rock

Although a new musician to Two Moon Paradise Lisa is not new to singing and performing. We are proud to bring you this incredibly talented singer songwriter.

With a wide variety of soft-rock and triphop Lisa is bound to keep you up dancing and smiling.

Join us for a great night of music and fun

Host: Azura

Video of Lisa singing at Coconut Rock by Baxter Hyun

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