~ Two Moon Paradise Announces~ Mer Photo Contest!!!!

Mer Garden at Two Moon Paradise

Mer Photo Contest!!!!

~ Two Moon Paradise Announces~ ~ The Mer of the Month Photo Contest~

Do you think you are This month’s Two Moon Paradise Mer of the Month?

Mer of the Month Contest Rules and Conditions:


1) Join the Two Moon Paradise in-world group

2) Take a photograph (or have one taken), wearing your favourite mer outfit. The photograph MUST be taken at the Two Moon Paradise sim anywhere.

You can mix and match accessories as you wish and wear any mer design that you wish. Please no nudity

3) Name the picture > Two Moon Paradise Contest “your name and date”

4) send copies of the photographs to Argus Collingwood. Her email is argus.collingwood@gmail.com

Some of the prizes will include:
L$1000 for 3rd place
submitted picture will appear on a prominent poster

L$2000 for 2nd place
submitted picture will appear on a prominent poster

And the winner will receive:


Winners submitted picture will be posted on the Two Moon Paradise Blog and Two Moon Paradise Facebook.

You have to submit your photos… BY THE 20th… of each month. Winners will be announced before the end of the current month.

The deadlines are ALWAYS going to be the 20th. No exceptions!

4. No names, or typography of any kind, on the photograph(s) submitted.


1. The size of the photograph – Minimum 512X512 OR 1024×1024 pixels, bigger is better. The picture must be square and full permissions.

2. Two Moon Paradise reserves the right to disqualify anyone for any reason

3. You, willingly, relinquish ALL rights for any picture(s) entered and agree to allow Two Moon Paradise to use them at their discretion..

4. ALL photo’s entered MUST be emailed to Argus Collingwood at argus.collingwood@gmail.com prior to the 20th deadline in order to be considered for the competition, any not received will be disqualified. Argus will confirm with a reply email as receipt.


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