Get to Know…Shiran, Owner

Trying to catch Shiran is like trying to catch the wind sometimes... 
I have come to find that she, even tho busy she is a very caring person,always welcoming, 
and a ton of fun. 

Below is a little interview with Shiran so you can get to know her 

What brought you into SL?
Well in real life I am a teacher and a scientist, so inquisitive by nature. 
One day when riding in my car I was listening to an interview of a university professor
who used SL as a learning tool and well the rest is as they say history. 

When did you start TMP?
I started two moon paradise about six months ago. 

What was the reason for starting TMP?
One of my most treasured places to go when I first came into second life 
was a forest called Chakryn . 
I was so impressed by the beauty, tranquility and the people 
who went there. They are still my most treasured friends today, 
Axo, Squiffy, Tammy, Nio, Neo and many others. 
One night I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a place where 
people who came into second life could go 
and feel at home. 
Feel safe and cared for a place they could call their own. 

With the help of many people pushing me along I created Two Moon Paradise. 
My Dear friend Tella and her husband Galdor 
initially helped to make my dream come true
Now with others such as okeanos, Azura, erdette, zippo, 
we work towards the same goal.  
I continue to make that dream bigger and better for all to experience

Is there a secret to your success?
Never let yourself believe that you are done learning or 
that you have reached an end. 
Believe in others and in yourself, love hard, play hard and laugh. 
Never let anyone tell you that honesty and integrity 
are not valued because they are. 
Treat each one you meet here with the utmost respect and love. 
Give all you have in your heart and learn to listen. 

There must be something you would like to share about 
yourself to your loyal readers.
There is one thing I would like to share, I am a loner, lol. 
Imagine, me a loner but yes some of my most creative 
times are spent when I walk in this world just being. 
I am lucky that is another and I am truly blessed 

What is the number one reason people should come to TMP?
To meet the wonderful people who make this place happy:
Arpil, Rocky, Elf, Beth, Mojo, Lucky, Katt, Tella, 
Zippo, Caress, Axo, Squiffy, club echo et al. 
Trill, bigdan, Brickhouse ... the list goes on. 
The musicians that bless this place every week with their talent. 
The djs who come here each week and play their hearts out. 
The artists who display their work. 
The beautiful merfolk who swim so freely. 
It is just a great place to just be you, yourself 
and honestly where else can you really do that

My heart hurts when I think of the love that 
has been bestowed upon me here, 
for this I thank you and that is what makes this place beautiful


8 thoughts on “Get to Know…Shiran, Owner

  1. We love you tooo sooo much Shiran… can’t be a loner cuz you are surrounded by people you have reached out to by giving them your love …..then they in turn surround you with their love……the true meaning of the circle of love…..Two Moon.

  2. “Treat each one you meet here with the utmost respect and love.
    Give all you have in your heart and learn to listen.”

    Those words of Shiran are the essence of who she is. I feel so fortunate to call her friend.

  3. We have been to Two Moon only twice, but I really think it is my most favorite place to come. We are planning on coming more often…. it is a wonderful place and the Steampunk party was fantastic!!

    Gab & Elijah

  4. I would really like to find out where to get some of the AMAZING outfits that she is wearing on the main blog page. Can someone PLEASE help me out with this???

  5. As a seven year veteran on SL, I’ve met all sorts of characters and people here. Siran and others from TMP are some of the best here, I can definitely recommend this venue to all both old and new, for a welcoming, fun atmosphere with truly good people who care.

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