Behind the Scenes – Trill Lomu

5I had the great opportunity to talk to Trill Lomu, scene designer extraordinaire for Two Moon Paradise.

Brickhouse Frog(BF): what brought you to tmp?
Trill Lomu(TL): actually I was looking for a place to open up another shop, and just started exploring… found this sim and fell in love!
BF: so how did you become involved with helping Shiran?
TL: When I was moving into one of her shops she started noticing all my landscaping stuff. We got to talking about how I love to build and would love to design some scenes… so she started giving me some job assignments…. and we work very well together.
BF: that’s obvious
TL: She has some very nice input to my designs and they always tend to look great by the time I get done. This ballroom is my favorite build so far.
BF: it’s stunning!  So tell me something people don’t know about you
TL: I am very excited now that the lindens have made the maximum size of prim you can make 64 meters, It opens doors for me. hmmmm… I’m like an open book… so it’s hard to imagine something they wouldn’t know. I was a cake decorator in real life. I had my own bakery for many years; I featured custom cakes and 3d ones, once I built a huge cake in the shape of a pig with 4 babies….it fed over 1500 people, I did it as a publicity stunt when we moved from California back to Oregon. I approached the fair board for the local county fair and offered to demonstrate how to make a statue out of cake and said I would feed them all cake at the end of the fair.
BF: oh wow
TL: At that point in time I had never done anything that large scale… but I had taught some classes on cake decorating and cake sculpture so the fair board found a local store to fund me this store gave me all the ingredients to build this huge cake.. I think I have pictures somewhere… anyway… that is something most people wouldn’t know about me
BF: that’s incredible!
TL: it was a huge success, put me on the map
BF: so you don’t do them any more?
TL: I damaged my back, so now I cannot pick up large cakes but after the close of the cake business I needed some creative outlet and second life is perfect for that!
BF: absolutely! well TMP is lucky!! So tell me why should people come to TMP?
TL: well this is like a really nice community where everyone is welcomed with open arms. I think people should come to TMP to enjoy the wonderful environments we provide… it is more than what you see in most places. Most places around sl are static.. the scene never changes
BF: true you never know what you and Shiran have planned
TL: But here we create something different to keep it interesting, She (Shiran) challenges me, and I get to create something I’m proud of.
BF: sweet
TL: its a win-win relationship

Trills’ Store, “Lomu Designs” can be found at
(The dress in the picture was designed by Trill)

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